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~ The Harem: A Lordship Looking For A Butler ~

posted Aug 16, 2011 20:19:10 by DustinStarnes
~ May I Welcome You, Distinguished Visitor, To The Harem Estate... ~

~ The Unusual Introduction To My Universe ~

~ Trains, Steam, Numbered Rooms ~

In the morning, the sun rises over the expansive railroad yard, the light glimmering on the polished golden funnels of luxury passenger trains, bouncing off of the dirty work engines littered about the sidings, awaiting their engineers, and job assignments. The boilers in the basement room number six hundred sixty six groan and creak as the initial scoops of coal are thrown into their three thousand degree chambers by workmen that have no breaks. Steam, in this realm of reality, is the key ingredient to success. Realized as cheap, durable, and powerful past what could be imagined possible with enough work.

~ Luxurious Living Quarters, An Unimaginable Estate ~

Standing at the front doors of the expansive English-style manor estate, one cannot tell the immense size contained by it’s aged brown stone walls. Past solid oak doors, lie innumerable hallways, lined by innumerable doors, all marked with simple golden number plates. From number one to… Undecided, as the estate is constantly under construction. It would be impossible, said in rumors, to explore the entire place in a lifetime. Some even say, that some of the walls are paneled with gold. It’s never been proven.

~ Strange Characters, Foreign Accents, Bad English, Parasols, and Suits ~

From all over the world, people of every type desire and wish to be accepted into the exclusive and private club, entitled “The Harem”. Here, a person of any type and background, as long as they are accepted, may live a live of general carelessness and luxury. Assigned a job by the lordship himself, they may preform their minimal duties with free room and board within the manor walls being their pay.

~ Money, L'argent, Money ~

His lordship is rumored to have quite the bank account with all of the money being stored in deep underground vaults sealed off from the general staff. His fortune been produced by the railroad, river company, and the selling of souls. You may have anything you could ever desire at his lordship's expense, as long as he agrees upon the purchase.

~ About His Lordship ~

~ Physical Build ~

His lordship stands about 5'7, short for his age, with short-cut ruffled dirty blond hair, medium build and deeply pallor completion. He is currently eighteen years old.

~ Short (Around 5'7)
~ Medium Build
~ Short, Dirty Blond Hair
~ Blue Eyes
~ Age of Eighteen
~ Pale Complexion

~ Emotional Makeup ~

His lordship is often cute and playful towards his guests and staff, relying heavily on them to preform the tasks of the day. When not making rounds, playing, or being lazy, he is constantly busy with the paperwork and behind-the-scenes management needed to keep the estate afloat. He oversees all account purchases from the stock of the kitchen pantry to the new engines to be purchased for the railroad.

~ Cute
~ Playful
~ Strict (If Need Be)
~ Stylish
~ Reliant On Staff
~ Head Mediator and Good Listener
~ Kindhearted
~ Clingy

~ Quirks, Preferences, Etc. ~

~ Not picky with his sexual preferences
~ Adores Nekos
~ Highly Strung and Easy to Scare

~ Reference Photograph ~

Looking for a loyal, loving butler~~
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Butler-Inuyasha said Aug 22, 2011 21:39:32
"Ugh, why do I have to do this stuff?!" He shouts over his shoulder irritably. "I'm not even from this world!" But no reply comes from the person running off. He has half a mind to chase the guy down, brandishing claws, but he settles for merely rolling his eyes; a rare thing in his case. The strange, red-clothed humanoid turns to stare at the large doors. It is obvious from first site that he isn't human, the ears poking out of his long, silver hair is evidence enough. Then of course, he has no nails on his hands, just razor-sharp claws. He is barefoot, not fully enjoying the stone walkway he is standing on. He misses the grass from his own world. He has a sheathed sword tied to his side, the hilt looking old and ragged. Of course, the thing packs much power...

Finally, he reaches up and knocks on the door, perhaps a bit to hard... But demon strength doesn't go well with an irritated half-demon. "Hey, anyone home?" he calls. "I've been assigned to you as your Butler!" Keh... Him... Serving Humans? True, he is mostly here as a bodyguard, nothing new in his case with Kagome. But it is still enough to tick him off. He isn't just someone's pet!

Of course, Kagome's words echo in his mind, something she'd once said to Koga, the wolf demon: "He's really nice actually, once you get to know him. Yeah, maybe a bit to proud for his own good, but he's still a wonderful young man." That thought makes him snort quietly with laughter. Pfft... being nice? It is a human weakness... And here he is, stuck with helping someone who's arrived in this area of the world recently. He sighs, then opens the door and walks in. "Eh? Hi Kuro."


Heh, welcome to our forum. Please excuse dear Inuyasha's grumpy attitude.. It's just his personality... Hopfully, he'll become more tolerable as the fact sinks in that he isn't in his own world anymore... XD Hope you enjoy your stay with us. Yes, we are a bit inactive as of right now, still setting up and advertising. Hopefully, lots more people will come in soon.

Edit: Sheesh, Kuro.. You make Inuyasha seem like a bad guy... XD
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By Cazeaje at
Butler-Kuro<3 said Aug 22, 2011 22:34:35
The butler of this fine tastefully built new and growing estate emerges from a dark cornor in the back of the pool hall. He slowly and carefully with the most gentle touch imaginable removed his silver rimmed reading classes as they glittered catching the flickers of the dancing flames of the above chandilier. He dantily takes a cloth from his inner tailcoat pocket cleaned the lenses to a perfect shine and returned the glasses to thier black velvet case laying them safely on the near by table. "My Lord, I will behonored in welcomeing you to your home. I apologize for the mess and chaos. Also for the lack of maids. This estate is barely over a month old and still has alot of work till she is finished entirely. Our other Masters and Mistresses are yet to have moved. If there is anything I can do for you to make your stay with us more benificial please do not hesitate to request it. I am here only to serve you..." spoke the Butler in a hushed deep powerful yet soothing voice as he looked warm heartly at his new Master. "My Lord, If you shall ever need..." He bowed in a low fashion his white ears almost flipping up " my name is Butler-Kuroshitsuji..." he stood again back to his sixfoot three hight.

Hello dear new member. I am the builder of this site. Due to the site was only just opened to the public a week ago we are farely empty I am estimating this to change quickly especially if you will help us. I will be on at somepoint everyday to check how things are. Should you need anything please ask me. Again I wish to welcome you. I also request you read our intrustions and rules carefully. These are things that might help your stay here be even better. It is alittle complicated but I feel in the long run it is the best option. I hope you will come to love your new home as the butlers here do. Thank you and have a great day.

Who do you want
to kiss with hearts? Who~?

No. 1! All of you
should wear glasses too.
No. 2! You must take care
of your love and dreams.
No. 3! Sadness
must be settled at the end of the month.
No. 4! If you meet someone handsome
that will be the best day.

these are words from kuroshitsuji the musical ending song.^^
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